PVD technology
R&D Centre

PVD technology of SHM is based on an original arrangement of coating chamber equipped with cylindrical rotary cathodes. This technology is employed in coating units ORM developed by SHM as well as in “π” type coating units (π80, 111, 300, 311, 411) developed and produced by PIVOT and sold by a Swiss partner company Platit.
Employment of rotary cathodes is applied in both technologies used in SHM – low voltage arc evaporation (coating type MARWIN, ALWIN, TripleCoating, etc.) as well as magnetron sputtering (coating type DARWIN).


The principle of rotating cathodes allows an optimal arrangement of the whole deposition system in the coating chamber. The deposition system consists of up to 4 different materials, the use of which can be arbitrarily combined during the coating deposition. Uniform movement of magnetic field towards the cathode surface allows employment of stronger magnetic field to control the arc movement. Rotation of tools in the coating chamber is optimized in terms of suitable coating structure growth. This technology brings many advantages and original assets:

  • Smooth coating with minimized content of macroparticles is achieved owing to fast movement of cathode spot in strong magnetic field.
  • Uniform erosion of evaporated targets.
  • Preparation of nanocomposite coatings is possible owing to high plasma ionization  formation of two phases (e.g. nc- (TiAl)N/a-Si3N4 or nc- (CrAl)N/a-Si3N4).
  • Thanks to unique arrangement of the vacuum chamber with cylindrical rotary cathodes and the synchronization of the tool rotation it is possible to optimize coating structure including the advanced nanolayered structures.
  • Cylindrical shape of the target enabled maximal use of its effective width – d x π.
  • Easy preparation of wide range of coatings without cathode exchange.
  • High growth rate.


Majority of the coatings in SHM is prepared by arc technology. The very smooth coatings are prepared using central rotary magnetron with patented method of process control. This method of coating preparation offers several advantages in contrary to our competitors:


  • Possibility of carbon nitride based coatings preparation.
  • Possibility of nanocomposite TiC/C coating preparation.
  • Simple and reliable method of process control.
  • Possible concurrence with arc evaporation.
  • Coating high growth rate.
  • Very low coating roughness while maintaining excellent adhesion.