Nanocrystalline composites
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MARWIN®, ALWIN® and TripleCoatings represent extended collection of progressive nanocrystalline PVD coatings which present revolutionary solution of hard and super hard wear resistant coatings.

What is a nanocrystalline composite coating?

Nanocrystalline composite is a system formed by small monocrystals sized in range of 3 – 5 nm (in case of MARWIN coatings it is Ti1-xAlxN; in case of ALWIN coatings it is Cr1-xAlxN), which are embedded in a suitable amorphous matrix (in case of both coatings it is Si3N4) with thin inter-crystalline borders of about 0,3 nm. We talk about thermodynamically stable materials, stable even from the grain size point of view. The grain size growth thus does not occur even at higher temperatures. Grain borders serve as an effective barrier against crack propagation – thus the high hardness of those materials is defined.

Nanocomposite structure

What is a nanolayered structure?

Nanolayers or superlattices are created by a system of very thin layers with different properties. Withal the thickness of the constituent layers is critical for the resulting property of the coating and its optimum ranges between 3 and 10 nm depending on the coating element composition. Coatings with very high hardness and resistance against micro crack propagation are the result.

Nanolayered structure

Combination of nanolayers and nanocomposites

Only by using technologies with cylindrical rotary cathodes (coating units MARWIN, ORM and Pi300 and Pi311) it is possible to prepare on an industrial scale a combined coating thriving from all the advantages of both mentioned systems.

Combined structure


TripleCoatings represent the latest coatings on market, which combine excellent toughness and hardness of AlTiN layer and extreme hardness of CrAlSiN nanocomposite layer.

TripleCoating structure