Tool treatment
PVD coatings and services

We provide the following tool treatments: micro-blasting, wet blasting, micro treatment of cutting edges in special media, cleaning of holes by compressed steam, wet cleaning in ultrasonic baths and pressure rinsing and various means of ion cleaning in initial phase of coating process. Upon agreement with the customer we assess what pre coating treatment is suitable and apply it.


Drag-finishing of edges
One of the pre coating treatments is micro treatment of cutting edges of HM tools in drag-finishing unit. This treatment runs in special polishing media, where there is a controlled rounding of sharp roughness on the edges. This technology is overall tool-friendly.


Treatment advantages:

  • Better coating adhesion
  • Increased tool performance
  • Increased tool use value


Treatment of surfaces and edges by wet blasting
Treatment technology of wet blasting is applied on tools prior to the coating process again upon agreement with the customer. Surface of the tools is blasted by a mixture of water and abrasives. Optimized composition and size of the abrasives together with parameters of the blasting itself secure defined edge rounding of cutting tools as well as surface treatment of forming tools. Another possible application of this technology is perfect removal of impurities limiting roughness increase.