Technical assistance
PVD coatings and services

As an integral part of our services we offer technical assistance when introducing, testing or expanding applications of our PVD coatings on your tools.


What is technical assistance?

  • Our consultancy in choosing the right type of a coating for specific applications.
  • Our personal visit and assessment of best technical solution directly in your workshop.
  • The possibility of free testing of our coatings or reference testing in some of the universities in the Czech Republic or partners abroad.
  • Optimizing of your application – there is a possibility to modify our „regular“ coating for your application to achieve the best results. You have to count with longer time of optimized coating development (weeks, months) and also with your active cooperation when evaluating the test results.
  • Evaluation of unknown coatings on the tools you use and need them to be recoated.


Arranging technical seminars and courses
SHM organizes its own technical seminars which focus on coating properties as well as practical ones focused on coated tools application and on requirements placed on tools to be coated.

SHM offers customer training in the field of PVD coatings application use directly at the customer’s place. It has a form of Power Point presentations, including video, for an unlimited number of listeners.

In all cases we take advantage of our rich experience in industrial preparation of PVD coatings, we gain from practical results of customer applications, laboratory tests and from our activities in international research and development projects and transferring them to the industrial scale. Only professionals experienced even on an international scale carry out those presentations.