Requirements on tools
PVD coatings and services

In SHM we are able to apply wear resistant coatings on all types of monolithic shank tools made of cemented carbide and on the vast majority of shank tools made of high speed steels. We do not coat soldered shank tools where regular (Cd and Zn based) not vacuum solder is used.


Steel tools
As said above we are able to coat most tools but even here there are certain limits:

  • drawing temperature should be higher than 180 °C;
  • limiting tool size up to diameter and height 500 mm and weight up to 120 kg;
  • deep and narrow holes impossible to coat;
  • depth corrosion (could be set by the tool history) significantly worsens coating adhesion;
  • we are not able to guarantee proper adhesion on blackened (burnished) tools.