Our competencies

The principal business of SHM is preparation of PVD coatings for various industrial applications. SHM employs own patented technologies– low voltage arc evaporation and magnetron sputtering, i.e. both main industrially used technologies. The main business segment is a coating service – coating of customers´ tools. The need for advanced PVD coatings generates a demand for quality, wide range and short delivery times. We offer it all. Thanks to our own development we were the first in the world who introduced new types of coatings with nanocomposite structure based on chromium and aluminum for both traditional areas of ​​cutting tools and dynamically developing segment of forming tools and molds&dies for aluminum die-casting. The service of SHM is regionally focused on the Czech, Slovak and Polish market.
More than 100 employees in Šumperk and the Slovak branch in Rajec provide the necessary expertise with different qualifications of individual teams – production, administrative and development, to guarantee the customers a true professional service of demanding PVD technology. Our PVD coatings are well known on the market under the brand names MARWIN, ALWIN, DARWIN and TripleCoating.