Historical milestones

  • 1993

    SHM established on April 5th.

  • 1995

    Preparation of first PVD coatings based on TiAlSiN. Launch of cooperation with company PRAMET later renamed as PRAMET TOOLS.


  • 1996

    Launch of cooperation with Prof. Stan Vepřek from Technical University in Munich.  Prof. S. Vepřek is a coauthor of generic concept of nanocomposite coating formation. The same year SHM as the first in the world begun with an industrial preparation of nanocomposite coatings.


  • 1999

    Priority of the first significant patent of SHM protecting coatings containing Si resp. process of their preparation.


  • 2000

    Priority of the most significant patent of SHM protecting coating system (apparatus) with rotary cathodes with special inner arrangement of magnetic field.


  • 2002

    Establishment of PIVOT a.s. on March 27th – a joint venture of SHM and Swiss partner PLATIT AG. Launch of “π” line coating units´ development and production.


  • 2004

    Opening of new modern facility in Šumperk. Total production space of 1500 m2 and 600 m2 of administration.


  • 2006

    Establishment of subsidiary company SHM Slovakia; a production subsidiary providing coating services for Slovak and Polish market.


  • 2010

    Mr. Pavel Holubář, co-owner of SHM, awarded with a title “Manager of the field” in production of tools and equipment within a prestigious competition Manager of the year organized by Czech Manager Association, Confederation of Employers and Entrepreneurs Associations of the Czech Republic and Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic. The same Mr. Pavel Holubář also received an award “Entrepreneur of the year 2010 of the Olomouc Region” in an equally prestigious competition traditionally held by Ernst & Young.


  • 2012

    Opening of own R&D centre called “S. Veprek Centre”, as a tribute to a well known expert from Technical University of Munich, whose long-standing scientific support helped SHM become the world leader  in the field of PVD technologies for preparation of PVD coatings. The total production, development and administration space of SHM widened to 4500 m2.


  • 2013

    20 years of SHM